Center goal :

Caring for and empowering people with autism and their families to achieve the greatest possible degree of self-reliance and their integration into society.

The center includes :

  • Early Childhood Program (4-5 years): aims at early detection of autistic children and providing the necessary comprehensive rehabilitation services.
  • Special Education Program (5-16 years): It aims to develop life skills, social interaction, language and knowledge of self-reliance.
  • Community Awareness Program: Its goal is to bring about a positive change in parents’ beliefs and behavior towards children with autism.

Center activities :

  • Providing comprehensive rehabilitation services (health, psychological, and social care).
  • Diagnosing new cases and developing a treatment plan for them.
  • Join special education programs to acquire knowledge and skills.
  • Developing a suitable curriculum for the private school stage, divided into 3 levels.
  • Using extracurricular activities to develop children’s abilities.
  • Follow up on treatment of speech and articulation problems.
  • Continuing health, psychological and social support for children.
  • Annual evaluation and follow-up of the level of improvement for beneficiaries.
  • Providing psychological support to families with autism.
  • Educate mothers on how to help their injured children.

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