Center goal :

Developing the mental, skill and cognitive abilities of females and males with Down syndrome to be able to achieve their individual goals in life and become self-reliant.

The center includes :

  • Early Intervention Program 0-4 years: includes early detection of people with Down syndrome and provision of the necessary health, social, psychological and educational services.
  • Kindergarten Program: Rehabilitation and development of skills and knowledge of people with Down syndrome (4-9 years) to reduce the negative impact of disability on their role in society.
  • Special Education School Program: Developing the skills and knowledge of students with Down syndrome (9-14 years old) and enhancing their self-confidence.

Center activities :

  • Accurate diagnosis of the condition and preparation of an individual development and treatment plan for children with Down syndrome.
  • Developing the cognitive and mental abilities of people with Down syndrome.
  • Using extracurricular activities to develop children’s abilities.
  • Continuing health, psychological and social support for children.
  • Annual evaluation and follow-up of the level of improvement for beneficiaries.
  • Educate mothers on how to help their injured children.
  • Providing psychological support for families with Down syndrome.
  • Developing mothers’ capabilities on how to deal with their children and develop their abilities.
  • Extracurricular in speech therapy, speech problems and audiological services.
  • Follow up on treatment of speech and articulation problems.

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