The Right to Live Association is an independent Palestinian civil association. It was established in 1992 AD to be the first and only Palestinian institution that works in the field of rehabilitating people with Down syndrome and autism through integrated programs and rehabilitation services.

The idea of the association was generated by its founder, Mrs. Adalah Ibrahim Abu Sitta – Abu Medin – after the death of her child with Down syndrome, a year after his birth, as he was driven by the oppression of his death regarding her inability to provide the necessary special care for him, and the lack of guidance and guidance, even at the minimum level that maintains On the life of her child, to the establishment of the Right to Life Association in the Gaza Strip to be a health, academic and professional institution specialized in serving people with Down syndrome in the year 1992 AD, taking the saffron flower as its slogan, indicating that the Right to Life Association is the elixir of life for these children just as the saffron flower is the elixir of life at the ancients.

The association continued to work and develop services to establish the first specialized rehabilitation program for children with autism in 2007, according to the needs of the local community.