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With the generous support of the Foundation for Cooperation, the Right to Life Society celebrates Mother's Day

As part of the project "Support and Development of Services for Children with Down Syndrome in Kindergarten in the Gaza Strip", with the generous support of the Foundation for Cooperation, the Right to Life  Association  in Gaza organized an entertainment day on the occasion of Mother's Day with the participation of 350 children with Down syndrome and autism And the introduction of joy on their hearts as well as the participation of mothers. On this occasion, Mrs. Abu Sitta / Abu Madin, Chairperson of the Board of Directors, thanked the mothers of the great role played by them in the education of youth and future makers, stressing the role of Palestinian women in the struggle and standing side by side with men to promote and build society and the homeland.

She pointed out the keenness of the Association to implement such recreational days that help children to discharge and bring joy and pleasure to their hearts, thanking the Foundation for cooperation in its efforts in the care of children with Down Syndrome in the sector. There was an atmosphere of happiness and joy in the interaction of children with the paragraphs of the day entertainment, which includes performances of music and music and songs of the mother, and the distribution of gifts and games to children to give them to their mothers. It is worth mentioning that the Association of the right to life is a charity that means the care and rehabilitation of people with Down syndrome and autism, through training programs to develop their mental abilities and cognitive skills.