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The Right to Live Association launched a series of special events within the project of promoting treatment and learning for children and empowerment of women in Gaza, implemented by the Association in partnership with Save the Children and funding the Committee for disasters and emergencies

The first of which was the participation of a group of children with Down syndrome and kindergarten children who benefited from the project in the selection and collection of vegetables and fruits used in the preparation of meals within the project through a special visit to the stores and farms of the supplier company.

For his part, Eng. Ahmed El Helo, Executive Director of the Association, stressed the importance of these activities in promoting the concepts of community integration and highlighting the abilities and skills of people with Down Syndrome in the local community, thus contributing to increasing opportunities for professional integration in the future.
In her turn, Ms. Nihal Al-Ashi, Project Coordinator at right to live society , said that the group of events was designed to ensure the achievement of the objectives of the project and to deliver community awareness messages on the importance of nutrition and its impact on improving the general health of children, especially children with Down Syndrome and Autistic Children. She added that the allocation of the world for the month of March as a month of decline comes in this context, stressing that the Assembly seeks to consolidate these concepts by allocating the same month for the same purpose. The project provides meals for 2,200 meals for kindergarten children in the central region through the production kitchen belonging to the right to live.